Blue Chip Casino & Hotel Michigan City

Blue Chip Casino, Hotel & Spa, located in Michigan City, is a premier gaming destination that offers an exhilarating experience for both casual and serious gamers. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse gaming options, the casino boasts traditional reel slot machines, video reels, and a variety of table games. 

It’s not just a casino; it’s a resort that combines luxury, entertainment, and dining, making it an ideal spot for a weekend getaway or a day of indulgence. The casino’s setting, close to the shores of Lake Michigan, adds to its allure, offering guests a scenic backdrop to their gaming adventures.


At Blue Chip Casino & Hotel, the gaming floor buzzes with excitement and possibilities. With a wide range of gaming options from 1 and 3-line reel machines to the latest video poker, the live casino caters to every preference and budget. 

The vibrant and lively atmosphere on the casino floor makes every visit an event in itself. Whether you’re a seasoned player aiming for the high stakes or a newcomer looking to try your luck, Blue Chip Casino provides an engaging and dynamic gaming experience, set within the luxurious and welcoming environment of the hotel and spa resort.


The Blue Chip Casino & Hotel does not feature a dedicated poker room, but poker enthusiasts won’t be left wanting. The casino offers a variety of video poker options, allowing players to enjoy this classic game in a modern format. For those who prefer the traditional poker room atmosphere, there may be other venues in the vicinity that provide this experience. 

However, Blue Chip Casino’s focus on a diverse range of gaming machines and table games ensures that all visitors, whether they are poker aficionados or slot enthusiasts, find something to enjoy in this vibrant and luxurious setting.


Blue Chip Casino & Hotel in Michigan City is not just a gaming destination; it’s an entertainment hub. Guests at this casino can indulge in a variety of entertainment options, from live music to special events. The atmosphere is always buzzing with excitement, making it a perfect place for those looking to add a touch of thrill to their evening. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a lively concert or a more laid-back entertainment experience, Blue Chip Casino & Hotel caters to a broad spectrum of preferences. The entertainment offerings here are designed to complement the gaming experience, ensuring that every visit is filled with memorable moments.


Dining at Blue Chip Casino & Hotel, Michigan City, is an experience in itself. The casino boasts William B’s Steakhouse, a Diner’s Choice 2014 Winner, known for its exquisite cuisine and exceptional service. The steakhouse offers a menu that blends traditional favorites with innovative culinary creations, ensuring a delightful experience for every palate. 

The ambiance of the restaurant is upscale and sophisticated, perfect for special occasions or a luxurious dining experience. Along with the steakhouse, the casino offers other dining options that cater to a variety of tastes, from casual eats to fine dining. Each meal at is more than just food; it’s a celebration of flavors and an integral part of the luxury experience.


The dress code at Blue Chip Casino & Hotel in Michigan City is casual, welcoming guests to enjoy their visit in a relaxed setting. However, understanding the importance of proper gambling attire is essential. 

Dressing smartly, even in a casual casino, can enhance the gaming experience, adding a sense of sophistication and respect for the environment. Opting for smart-casual attire is often the best approach, balancing comfort and style to suit the casino’s atmosphere.


Blue Chip Casino & Hotel offers convenient parking options for its guests, ensuring a smooth start and end to their visit. The availability of parking simplifies the logistics of getting to and from the casino, allowing guests to focus on enjoying their time without the worry of transportation issues. The well-organized parking facilities contribute to the overall ease and enjoyment of the experience.

About Blue Chip Casino & Hotel Michigan City

Contact Details

  • Address:
    777 Blue Chip Drive, Michigan City, Indiana (IN) 46360, United States
  • Phone Number:
    219 879 7711
  • Features:
    Bar, Live Sports, Parking, Restaurant
  • Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

Opening Times

  • Open: 24/7


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