Border Inn Casino Baker

Border Inn Casino and Motel is a unique destination located along the Nevada-Utah border, offering a charming blend of hospitality and gaming. This casino features a variety of gaming options, including traditional reel slots, video reels, and video poker, catering to a wide range of preferences. 

The casual and relaxed atmosphere of the casino makes it an ideal spot for both gaming enthusiasts and travelers seeking a comfortable stopover. With 29 rooms and an RV park, the Border Inn Casino and Motel is more than just a gaming venue; it’s a cozy retreat under the vast desert sky, perfect for those looking to experience the tranquility of the area while enjoying some gaming fun.


Gaming at the Border Inn Casino offers a pleasant and laid-back experience. The casino floor hosts a selection of slot machines, from classic reels to more modern video poker games, ensuring that all visitors find something to enjoy. 

The environment is welcoming and unpretentious, making it suitable for casual gaming sessions and for those who prefer a more relaxed gaming atmosphere. Whether you’re there to try your luck or simply to enjoy a few leisurely games, the setting provides a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.


While the Border Inn Casino does not have a dedicated poker room, its range of video poker machines offers a fun alternative for poker enthusiasts. The absence of a traditional poker room is balanced by the variety of other gaming options available. The casino’s focus on providing a diverse gaming experience ensures that all visitors, from poker fans to slot machine aficionados, have an enjoyable time in this serene and inviting setting. ​​


Border Inn Casino in Baker provides a unique and serene experience, located along the Nevada and Utah border. While the casino offers traditional gaming options, the surrounding environment of Baker adds a different dimension to the visit. 

The hotel, with its 29 rooms and an RV park, caters to guests looking for a comfortable stay. The opportunity to explore the tranquil surroundings of Baker, including the stunning night skies, adds to the overall appeal of the live casino. It’s a perfect destination for those seeking a blend of gaming excitement and the peacefulness of a remote location.


At the Border Inn Casino, guests can enjoy cocktails under the dark skies of Baker. The casual atmosphere is ideal for relaxing and socializing while savoring a variety of beverages. Whether you’re unwinding after a day of gaming or simply enjoying the serene environment, the bar provides a comfortable setting. The focus on providing a relaxed and enjoyable experience is evident, making it a great spot to end the day with a refreshing drink in hand.


The dress code at the Border Inn Casino in Baker is casual, reflecting the laid-back and welcoming nature of the establishment. While casual attire is accepted, it’s advisable to dress smartly for the casino environment. Smart-casual attire can enhance the gaming experience, adding a touch of sophistication while still maintaining comfort. The right attire contributes positively to the casino’s ambiance and ensures a pleasant experience for all guests.


Parking at the Border Inn Casino is convenient and accessible, ensuring a hassle-free experience for guests. The facility provides ample parking space, making it easy for visitors to access the casino, hotel, and surrounding attractions. This ease of parking allows guests to focus on enjoying their time at the casino and exploring the beauty of Baker, without concerns about transportation logistics. The well-organized parking facilities contribute to a smooth and enjoyable visit for all guests.

About Border Inn Casino Baker

Contact Details

  • Address:
    3777 East US Highway 50, Baker, Nevada (NV) 89311, United States
  • Phone Number:
    775 234 7300
  • Features:
    Bar, Parking, Restaurant
  • Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

Opening Times

  • Open: 24/7


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