Bull Durham Casino Black Hawk

Poised majestically in the historic heart of Black Hawk, Colorado, Bull Durham Casino has been a local favorite since it opened its doors on June 17, 1994. As one of the pioneering casinos in the area following the legalization of gambling in 1991, it has become a landmark in the town’s transformation. 

The casino is housed in a historic building, a testament to Black Hawk’s rich heritage, with a modern twist – an expansive bar surrounded by a vibrant array of slot machines. With a building area of 7,967 ft², including a dedicated 2,579 ft² gaming space, Bull Durham captures the spirit of old and new. 

It’s a place where the past meets the present, offering a unique gaming experience that honors the history of Black Hawk, a city renowned for its gambling and entertainment prowess, located conveniently near Denver and the majestic Rocky Mountains.


Step into the world of Bull Durham Casino, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a plethora of gaming options. Traditional and video reel slot machines line the walls, offering stakes ranging from a modest 5 cents to a daring $100. 

The casino’s atmosphere is electric, buzzing with the sounds of victory and excitement. Whether you’re a fan of the classic reel or the modern twist of video poker, Bull Durham provides an exhilarating gaming experience. The casino’s Sharp Shooters Club ensures that your time spent at the slots is not only thrilling but also rewarding.


At Bull Durham Casino, the focus is on the thrill of slot machines and video poker. While there isn’t a dedicated poker room, the casino offers plenty of other gaming adventures. Try your hand at the slot machines or delve into the world of video poker. 

For those looking for a different kind of strategy and excitement, Bull Durham’s array of gaming options promises a fulfilling experience. And remember, if you’re seeking poker action, the vibrant gambling scene of Black Hawk has plenty more to offer – just a stone’s throw away! ​


Bull Durham Casino, nestled in Black Hawk, Colorado, offers a unique experience in a historic setting. Opening its doors on June 17, 1994, this casino has become a local favorite, celebrated for its intimate and welcoming atmosphere. 

With a substantial bar area amidst an array of slot machines, players can enjoy traditional reel, video reel, and video poker games. The casino ensures ongoing excitement with its Sharp Shooters Club, rewarding members for their loyalty and play on the Bull Durham slot machines.


At Bull Durham Casino, the culinary experience is designed to complement the thrill of gaming. The on-site snack bar presents an inviting array of pub food to sustain players through their gaming adventures. 

Offering everything from Polish dogs and hot dogs to pretzels and chicken wings, each dish is crafted to cater to diverse tastes. Patrons can enhance their snacks with chili, cheese, or jalapeños for an added kick. This diverse selection ensures that players are energized and ready to return to the gaming floor.


Embracing a casual dress code, Bull Durham Casino invites guests to enjoy a relaxed gaming atmosphere. The casino welcomes players who are 21 years of age or older, ensuring a responsible and enjoyable gaming environment. 

The importance of appropriate gambling attire, though casual, is key to maintaining the casino’s friendly and respectful atmosphere. Players are encouraged to dress comfortably yet respectfully, blending in seamlessly with the casino’s laid-back vibe.


Bull Durham Casino ensures convenience with available parking, making it easy for guests to visit. Located in Black Hawk, near Denver, this US land-based casino is ideally situated for those looking to combine their gaming experience with the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. 

The city’s proximity to diverse outdoor activities like hiking complements the casino’s offerings, providing a well-rounded experience for visitors. Whether arriving for a day trip or an extended stay, guests will find the transport and parking options accommodating.

About Bull Durham Casino Black Hawk

Contact Details

  • Address:
    110 Main Street, PO Box 389, Black Hawk, Colorado (CO) 80422, United States
  • Phone Number:
    303 582 0810
  • Features:
    Bar, Parking, Restaurant
  • Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

Opening Times

  • Monday: 8am - 2am
  • Tuesday: 8am - 2am
  • Wednesday: 8am - 2am
  • Thursday: 8am - 2am
  • Friday: 8am - 2am
  • Saturday: 8am - 4am
  • Sunday: 8am - 4am


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