Buzz Inn Casino East Wenatchee

Buzz Inn Steakhouse and Casino, located at 280 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, is more than just a casino; it’s a place where community, cuisine, and casino excitement come together. Renowned for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this establishment is as much about its savory steaks and casual dining as it is about the thrill of gaming. 

It’s a local gem where regulars are greeted by name and newcomers are welcomed with open arms.

The charm of Buzz Inn extends beyond its walls to its location in East Wenatchee. This town, nestled in the heart of Washington, is known for its stunning natural beauty and rich history. 

East Wenatchee boasts beautiful parks and trails, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, and is a stone’s throw away from the confluence of the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers, offering breathtaking views and recreational activities. 

The town’s warm community spirit is reflected in the casino, making it a perfect representation of what East Wenatchee is all about – a blend of nature’s beauty, historical richness, and a tight-knit community.

Visitors to Buzz Inn can enjoy the vibrant local culture after a day of exploring the scenic beauty of the region. The live casino offers a perfect evening retreat with its assortment of gaming options and a menu that features some of the best steaks in the area. 

The combination of good food, exciting gaming, and a friendly environment, all set in the charming town of East Wenatchee, makes Buzz Inn Steakhouse and Casino a must-visit destination for those looking for an authentic and enjoyable experience.


Buzz Inn Casino offers a variety of gaming experiences, including both table and electronic games. The casino features popular games like Blackjack and Pai Gow, providing both novice and experienced gamblers with a thrilling gaming experience. 

The atmosphere is relaxed yet lively, making it the perfect place to enjoy a night of gaming. With its friendly staff and range of gaming options, Buzz Inn Casino promises a fun and exciting visit every time.


The poker room at Buzz Inn Casino is a highlight for poker enthusiasts. Offering a range of poker games, the room caters to players of all skill levels. 

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, the poker room provides a welcoming and engaging environment. The staff are known for their friendly and professional approach, ensuring that each poker experience is enjoyable and memorable.


Buzz Inn Casino in East Wenatchee, nestled in Douglas County, Washington, offers a unique gaming experience. While the casino itself might not feature an extensive array of entertainment options, its location in East Wenatchee provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the local charm and attractions. 

The casino’s atmosphere is conducive to both serious gaming and casual fun, making it a versatile destination for all types of visitors.


Dining at Buzz Inn Steakhouse and Casino is an experience in itself. Renowned for their steakhouses, Buzz Inn offers a menu that is sure to appeal to a wide range of tastes. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a succulent steak, a casual meal, or just a relaxing drink, the dining options at Buzz Inn are designed to complement your casino experience, ensuring satisfaction and convenience.


The dress code is casual, reflecting the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the establishment. Patrons are encouraged to dress comfortably, allowing them to fully enjoy their gaming experience. The casual dress code ensures an inclusive environment where all guests can feel at ease.


Buzz Inn Casino provides ample parking for guests, ensuring convenient access to the casino. The availability of parking adds to the hassle-free experience, allowing visitors to focus on enjoying their time at the casino without worrying about parking issues.

About Buzz Inn Casino East Wenatchee

Contact Details

  • Address:
    280 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, Washington (WA) 98802, United States
  • Phone Number:
    509 884 6219
  • Features:
    Bar, Live Sports, Parking, Poker Room, Poker Tournaments, Restaurant
  • Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

Opening Times

  • Daily: 12pm - 4am


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