Casino Arizona Scottsdale

Casino Arizona, owned and operated by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, is a prominent landmark in Scottsdale, Arizona. This casino is not just a hub of gaming and entertainment; it’s a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. 

Scottsdale, known for its vibrant arts scene and outdoor adventures, finds in Casino Arizona a perfect complement to its lively character. The casino has become a central part of the city’s social fabric, offering both locals and tourists a place to unwind and have fun. It’s where the excitement of Vegas-style gaming meets the cultural richness of the Southwest, creating an experience that is both unique and exhilarating. 

The casino’s presence in Scottsdale has contributed significantly to the area’s tourism and economy, making it a key player in the city’s ongoing development and growth.


Casino Arizona offers an extensive array of gaming options. From traditional reel slots to the latest video reel machines, the casino caters to a wide range of preferences. Video keno, electronic roulette, and numerous other gaming choices ensure that every visit is filled with variety and excitement. The casino’s lively atmosphere and the chance to win big make it a favorite destination for gaming enthusiasts.


While Casino Arizona does not feature a dedicated Poker Room, the casino offers plenty of other thrilling gaming options. Guests can immerse themselves in the excitement of the slots or try their hand at electronic roulette. If you’re missing the poker action, why not take a chance at blackjack and see if you can beat the odds?


The Showroom at Casino Arizona in Scottsdale offers an intimate setting for a variety of events, creating a unique entertainment experience. 

Although specific details about the types of events are not provided in my knowledge source, guests can generally expect a mix of live performances, including music, comedy, and other entertainment forms. This venue is designed to provide an engaging and memorable experience for all visitors. For the most current event schedule and further details, contacting the casino directly is recommended.


Casino Arizona in Scottsdale features a Coffee Station located just off the casino floor, offering a convenient spot for a quick break and refreshment. While my knowledge source does not provide extensive details about the menu, guests can typically expect a variety of coffee beverages, light snacks, and pastries or sandwiches. 

This setup is ideal for those looking for a quick bite in between gaming sessions. For more detailed information about their food and drink offerings, it’s best to contact the casino directly.


The dress code at Casino Arizona in Scottsdale is casual, allowing guests to enjoy their gaming and entertainment experiences in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This approachable dress code makes the casino a great choice for casual outings or a night of fun. 

The age limit for entry is 21 years, ensuring a mature and responsible gaming environment. For specific details about the dress code, especially for events in the Showroom, contacting the casino is advisable.


Parking facilities are available at Casino Arizona in Scottsdale, providing convenience for guests arriving by car. This indicates easy access for both local visitors and those coming from a distance. For those using other modes of transportation, or for more specific parking and transportation information, reaching out to the casino directly would provide the most accurate and helpful information. ​

About Casino Arizona Scottsdale

Contact Details

  • Address:
    524 North 92nd Street, Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ) 85256, United States
  • Phone Number:
    480 850 7777
  • Features:
    Bar, Events, Live Shows, Live Sports, Parking, Restaurant
  • Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

Opening Times

  • Open: 24/7


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