Cherokee Casino, Tahlequah

Located a few miles south of the existing casino at 3307 Seven Clans Avenue, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Cherokee Casino stands as a beacon of fun and excitement. This casino is the epitome of a relaxed gaming experience. 

With no dress code, it invites guests to enjoy themselves in a casual, stress-free environment. The 21 years age limit ensures an adult crowd, creating a mature yet vibrant atmosphere. Parking is ample, making your visit convenient from the start.


Gaming at Cherokee Casino, Tahlequah, is an adventure in itself. The casino floor is dotted with a variety of slot machines, including traditional reels, video reels, and video poker. This wide range caters to all types of players, from those who enjoy the nostalgia of classic slots to those who seek the excitement of modern video options. For anyone that enjoys table games such as roulette, sadly, this isn’t something they do.

The setup here is perfect for a leisurely gaming experience, where you can spend hours immersed in the thrill of chance and strategy. The environment is welcoming and friendly, ideal for both seasoned players and newcomers to the world of casino gaming.


Cherokee Casino in Tahlequah follows the trend of focusing on slot machines and video poker, as it does not have a dedicated poker room. This decision aligns with the casino’s overall atmosphere of relaxed and accessible gaming. By not having a poker room, the casino caters to a wider audience who may prefer the solitary nature of slot machines or the straightforward gameplay of video poker. 

It’s an inviting space for those who might feel intimidated by the high-stakes, fast-paced environment of traditional poker rooms. This approach ensures that the casino remains a welcoming place for all types of gamblers. ​


Cherokee Casino Tahlequah, located a few miles south of Tahlequah’s downtown area, offers a vibrant mix of gaming and entertainment. The casino features the Chota Conference Center, covering a significant floor area and serving as a hub for various events. This center is designed to host a range of activities, including live music shows, cultural events, and private gatherings. 

The spacious and versatile nature of the conference center allows for a diverse lineup of events, attracting both local residents and visitors. The casino’s commitment to providing entertainment extends beyond gaming, with a focus on creating memorable experiences through music, culture, and community events.


At Cherokee Casino Tahlequah, the White Wolf Steakhouse offers a family-friendly dining experience. The steakhouse is known for its exceptional cuisine, featuring a menu that includes high-quality steaks, fresh seafood, and a variety of other delectable dishes. The atmosphere at the steakhouse is warm and inviting, making it a perfect place for a family meal, a romantic dinner, or a celebration with friends. 

In addition to the steakhouse, the casino offers other dining options and a bar area where guests can enjoy a wide range of beverages. The focus on quality food and a comfortable dining environment enhances the overall experience at Cherokee Casino Tahlequah.


Cherokee Casino Tahlequah does not specify a dress code, allowing guests the freedom to dress comfortably for their visit. However, visitors are encouraged to dress in a manner that respects the casino’s atmosphere, especially during evening visits or special events. 

The minimum age for gambling at the casino is 21 years, and a valid ID is required for age verification. The absence of a strict dress code combined with the age limit ensures a welcoming environment for a diverse group of guests.


Cherokee Casino Tahlequah provides ample parking facilities for its guests, ensuring easy access for those arriving by car. The parking area is designed to accommodate a large number of vehicles, offering convenience and ease for visitors. 

Additionally, the casino is accessible via various local transportation routes, making it a convenient destination for both local and visiting patrons. The accessibility of the casino, both by private and public transport, contributes to its popularity and ease of visitation.

About Cherokee Casino, Tahlequah

Contact Details

  • Address:
    3307 Seven Clans Avenue, Tahlequah, Oklahoma (OK) 74464, United States
  • Phone Number:
    918 207 3600
  • Features:
    Bar, Events, Live Shows, Live Sports, Parking, Restaurant
  • Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

Opening Times

  • Monday: 10am - 2am
  • Tuesday: 10am - 2am
  • Wednesday: 10am - 2am
  • Thursday: 10am - 2am
  • Friday: 24 Hours
  • Saturday: 24 Hours
  • Sunday: 12pm - 2am


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