Circa Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Circa Resort & Casino is the epitome of Las Vegas extravagance, mixed with a dash of nostalgia and a heap of modern luxury. This adult-only gem, nestled in the heart of Downtown, is a playground for those 21 and over. With 1.25 million square feet of space, it’s more than just a casino; it’s a spectacle. 

The gaming experience here is unparalleled, boasting the latest slot machines and video reels that could make even the most stoic player’s heart race. From traditional reels to state-of-the-art slot experiences, every aspect of gaming is covered. And if that wasn’t enough, the casino’s in-floor HVAC system ensures that the only thing getting hot are the slots!


The gaming at Circa Resort Casino is a Vegas dream come true. Every inch of the casino floor is designed to deliver an adrenaline-fueled adventure with a vast array of slot machines, including video poker and the ever-popular video reels. The excitement doesn’t stop at slots, though; the table and electronic games area is a haven for strategy and skill. 

Whether you’re a fan of the classic blackjack or looking for the thrill of Four Card Frenzy and High Card Flush, Circa has it all. Even without a poker room, the casino’s high-octane energy is palpable, drawing in gaming enthusiasts from around the world who are eager to dive into the action.


While Circa Resort Casino does not feature a traditional poker room, it compensates with an electrifying gaming floor brimming with opportunities for poker enthusiasts. Video poker options abound, providing a digital twist to the classic game where strategy meets luck in an electronic format. 


Circa Resort & Casino, a breathtaking new addition to Downtown Vegas since 1980, offers an exclusive 21+ experience across its 1.25 million square feet. Featuring a 35-floor hotel with lavish rooms and suites, a plethora of original restaurant concepts and bars, Circa makes a bold statement. 

Entertainment is redefined with the Legacy Club, providing panoramic city views and luxurious fire pits, and the Mega Bar, Nevada’s longest indoor bar. Not to mention the grandeur of the multi-tiered pool amphitheater with a massive high-definition screen for an unparalleled poolside experience. The innovative sportsbook, with its own VIP areas and the world’s largest screen, is a sports fan’s paradise. Circa also features the Garage Mahal, an art-infused parking structure, enhancing the standard parking experience.


Circa Resort & Casino is a haven for foodies, offering round-the-clock dining options like Saginaw’s Delicatessen, known for its .99 cent shrimp cocktails and a range of deli classics. Barry’s Downtown Prime delivers an upscale steakhouse experience with tableside flair, and Victory Burger and Wings brings the taste of Detroit to Vegas. 

For a more casual bite, Project BBQ serves up mouthwatering smoked meats, while Jack Pots brews Zingerman’s coffee alongside fresh breakfasts and lunches. 8 East tantalizes with Pan-Asian cuisine, ensuring that guests have a world of flavors at their fingertips.


Circa Resort & Casino maintains a casual dress code, welcoming guests to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere in comfort. The adult-only policy means all guests must be at least 21 years old to enjoy the full Circa experience. The casual dress code ensures that guests can relax and enjoy their time without the need for formal attire.


Circa Resort & Casino’s innovative Garage Mahal is more than a parking space; it’s an experience. With art installations and a modern design, this garage accommodates ride-sharing, valet, and self-parking options. An air-conditioned bridge connects the garage to the main resort for convenience, ensuring that guests have a seamless transition from arrival to entertainment

About Circa Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

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  • Address:
    8 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada (NV) 89101, United States
  • Phone Number:
    833 247 2258
  • Features:
    Bar, Events, Live Shows, Live Sports, Parking, Restaurant, VIP Rooms
  • Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

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  • Open: 24/7


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