Easy Street Casino, Central City

Easy Street Casino in Central City, Colorado, is more than just a gaming venue – it’s a vibrant part of the town’s tapestry. Situated on Main Street, this casino has become a landmark in Central City, a town known for its rich mining history and charming Victorian architecture. 

As one of the larger establishments in the area, Easy Street Casino embodies the spirit of the old mining town while offering modern entertainment and gaming experiences. 

It’s a place where history and excitement meet, offering locals and tourists alike a glimpse into Central City’s past while engaging in contemporary gaming fun. The casino, along with its sister establishment Famous Bonanza, has become synonymous with Central City’s transformation from a historic mining town to a lively gaming destination. 

Its presence on Main Street not only adds to the area’s bustling atmosphere but also plays a significant role in preserving the unique character and heritage of Central City.


Easy Street Casino is a gamer’s paradise nestled in the heart of Central City. Open from the bright hours of the morning to the late night, this casino offers a wide array of gaming options. It’s known for its extensive selection of slot machines and video poker, catering to every preference and skill level. Whether you’re a fan of classic slots or the latest video poker games, there’s something for everyone. 

The vibrant atmosphere, combined with the chime of winning slots and the buzz of engaged players, creates an energetic and inviting environment. Easy Street Casino is the perfect place for those looking to dive into the excitement of gaming while soaking in the unique charm of Central City.


At Easy Street Casino, you might notice the absence of a dedicated Poker Room. But don’t fret! There are plenty of other ways to indulge in your gaming desires. Perhaps take in the slots, where every spin offers a new opportunity, or enjoy the thrill of video poker, where strategy and luck intertwine. 

The casino ensures that every visitor finds their slice of gaming paradise, even without a poker table in sight. So, let the reels of the slot machines be your guide, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere that Easy Street Casino is famous for.


At Easy Street Casino, immerse yourself in the thrill of numerous slots and table games such as live roulette. As part of the vibrant Central City gaming scene, it offers a unique experience with its sister casino, Famous Bonanza, ensuring variety and excitement for frequent visitors.


Savor the casual dining experience at Easy Street Casino, where quality meals and refreshing drinks complement your gaming adventure. The atmosphere is perfectly suited for a leisurely meal or a quick snack between games.


With a casual dress code, the casino invites guests to enjoy a relaxed yet engaging environment. In Colorado, the minimum age for casino entry is 21 years, so guests must meet this age requirement to participate in the gaming excitement.


Easy Street Casino provides convenient parking options for guests, adding to the ease of your visit. Situated in Central City, the casino is accessible for a day of fun or an evening escape. For more information on transport options, contact the club.

About Easy Street Casino, Central City

Contact Details

  • Address:
    120 Main Street, Central City, Colorado (CO) 80427, United States
  • Phone Number:
    303 582 5914
  • Features:
    Bar, Live Sports, Parking, Restaurant
  • Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

Opening Times

  • Daily: 8am - 2am


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