Foxwoods Resort Casino, Biloxi Pointe

Nestled in the heart of Biloxi, Mississippi, Foxwoods Resort Casino Biloxi Pointe is not just a casino, it’s a testament to the city’s resilience and growth. The $265 million development, set to open in the near future, marks a significant addition to Biloxi’s Back Bay area. 

This site, once home to the Heinz plant, is transforming into a buzzing center of entertainment, redefining the city’s skyline and social scene. Its strategic location as the 9th casino on the Bay, and the promise of a vibrant gaming experience, makes it a beacon of modernity and excitement in Biloxi. The resort’s 781,000 square-foot complex, marrying gaming with luxury, is a symbol of Biloxi’s journey from a quiet town to a premier entertainment destination.


At Foxwoods Resort & Casino Biloxi Pointe, gaming enthusiasts can look forward to nearly 50,000 square feet of state-of-the-art US land-based casino gaming space. With 1,380 table positions and a plethora of slot machines, the casino promises a thrilling and diverse gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a curious visitor, the casino’s vibrant atmosphere and extensive game offerings are designed to cater to every taste. 

The surface gaming tables and a unique fantasy sports lounge add an extra layer of excitement, ensuring that each visit is filled with new discoveries and unforgettable experiences.


As for the poker aficionados, Foxwoods Resort Casino Biloxi Pointe doesn’t disappoint. With a dedicated poker room, the casino offers a sanctuary for those who seek the thrill of the game. The poker room is designed to create an immersive experience, from the sound of shuffling chips to the concentration in the air. 

Whether you’re joining a high-stakes tournament or just looking to play a few hands, the poker room provides the perfect backdrop for testing your skills and challenging your luck. 

Don’t miss the chance to join the lively poker community here, where every hand is a new adventure and every game is a story waiting to be told.


Foxwoods Resort Casino at Biloxi Pointe, set to be a new gem in Biloxi, Mississippi, promises an exceptional gaming and entertainment experience. The casino will feature nearly 50,000 square feet of gaming space with a wide array of table positions and slots. Besides the traditional gaming options, guests can look forward to engaging in surface gaming tables and a fantasy sports lounge. 

The planned 10,000 square feet bowling alley and shuffleboard center, along with an intimate entertainment venue, ensure diverse entertainment options for every visitor.


Dining at Foxwoods Resort Casino at Biloxi Pointe is set to be a culinary adventure with six distinct dining venues. The options range from fine dining and a buffet to a sports bar restaurant, a 24/7 casual diner, and a grab-and-go eatery. 

While it’s still early for specifics, one can anticipate an American steakhouse featuring prime cuts of dry-aged beef, fresh seafood, and an extensive wine list, ensuring a dining experience that caters to every taste and occasion.


Foxwoods Resort Casino at Biloxi Pointe embraces a casual dress code, welcoming guests to enjoy their visit in relaxed attire. For entry, the age limit is set at 21 years and above, aligning with Connecticut’s gaming regulations. This ensures a mature and responsible gaming environment for all guests​​.


Guests of Foxwoods Resort Casino at Biloxi Pointe will find ample parking options with 1,000 surface parking units and 650 garage spaces. The casino’s location at the end of 8th Street on the site of the former Heinz plant in Biloxi, Mississippi, makes it easily accessible. 

Whether you’re arriving by car or using other modes of transportation, the resort’s strategic location ensures a smooth journey to and from the casino. For more detailed information on parking and transportation, please contact the resort directly.

About Foxwoods Resort Casino, Biloxi Pointe

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  • Address:
    185 8th Street, Biloxi, Mississippi (MS) 39530, United States
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    Bar, Events, Live Shows, Live Sports, Parking, Poker Room, Poker Tournaments, Restaurant, VIP Rooms
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    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

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  • Open: 24/7


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