Lucky Star Casino, Clinton

Lucky Star Casino, located just off Gary Blvd in Clinton, Oklahoma, is a bustling hub of entertainment and gaming. Stretching across 13,000 square feet, this 24-hour casino is a vibrant spot in the heartland of America, part of the prestigious network of gaming venues operated by the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes. At Clinton Lucky Star, expect nothing less than continuous good times and exceptional service, making every visit a memorable experience.

As you step into the casino, you are greeted by a vast array of gaming options. Hundreds of slot machines fill the floor, ranging from traditional reel slots to the latest video poker and video reel games. 

Electronic Roulette adds a modern twist to the classic casino experience. And for those who enjoy the timeless thrill of live blackjack, games run around the clock, ensuring the action never stops.


The gaming floor at Clinton Lucky Star Casino is where excitement lives. Here, you can find everything from the charm of traditional reel slots to the cutting-edge fun of video poker. 

If electronic games are more your style, Electronic Roulette offers a unique blend of technology and classic casino thrill. The casino’s round-the-clock blackjack games provide a perfect opportunity for both casual and serious players to test their skills and luck.


While Lucky Star Casino does not have a dedicated poker room, the casino’s wide range of other gaming options ensures that there’s never a dull moment. Whether it’s the challenge of blackjack or the thrill of hitting it big on one of the many slot machines, there’s always something exciting to indulge in.


The Lucky Star Casino in Clinton, Oklahoma is a beacon of excitement for anyone looking to indulge in gaming and entertainment. Spanning 13,000 square feet and open 24 hours, the casino floor is teeming with a variety of gaming options, including hundreds of slot machines featuring traditional reels, video reels, and video poker, as well as electronic roulette. While the Lucky Star Casino itself is a hub of entertainment, the surrounding area of Clinton offers additional attractions. Visitors can explore the scenic beauty of parks like Eagle Point Park and Riverview Park, offering stunning views of the Mississippi River. 

The Bickelhaupt Arboretum presents a unique collection of dwarf conifers, while the Felix Adler Children’s Discovery Center is a fantastic destination for those interested in science, arts, and culture.


The culinary experience at the Clinton Lucky Star Casino is highlighted by the Turtle Creek Cafe. Open daily, this cafe serves a delicious array of traditional American fare and casino classics. Whether you’re craving a hearty chicken fried steak dinner or just a quick snack like nachos, Turtle Creek Cafe caters to all appetites. 

The menu offers a variety of options such as burgers, fries, hot dogs, and tasty side dishes, ensuring your gaming day is well fueled and fun. The cafe is known for its friendly and quick service, making it a perfect spot for a meal or a snack during your casino visit.


When visiting the Lucky Star Casino, guests are welcomed in casual attire. This relaxed dress code ensures that visitors can enjoy their gaming experience in comfort and ease. The focus is on creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere where everyone can feel at ease. For entry, the age limit is 18 years, allowing a younger crowd to partake in the gaming excitement while maintaining responsible gaming practices.

Remember, while the dress code is casual, maintaining a neat and presentable appearance is appreciated, as it contributes to the overall enjoyable environment of the casino.


Visitors to the Lucky Star Casino will find ample parking available, making it convenient for those traveling by car. 

This ease of access is a significant advantage for guests, allowing them to focus on enjoying their casino experience without worrying about parking hassles. For those not driving, the casino’s location in Clinton, Oklahoma, off Gary Blvd (Highway 40), is well-connected and accessible by various modes of transportation. 

This accessibility ensures a smooth journey for all visitors, whether they are local residents or travelers coming from afar, contributing to a hassle-free and enjoyable casino visit.

About Lucky Star Casino, Clinton

Contact Details

  • Address:
    10347 North 2274 Road, 73601, Clinton, Oklahoma (OK), United States
  • Phone Number:
    580 323 6599
  • Features:
    Bar, Events, Live Shows, Live Sports, Parking, Restaurant, VIP Rooms
  • Payment Methods:
    Cash, Mastercard, Visa

Opening Times

  • Open: 24/7


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