Introducing Snakes & Ladders Live: Pragmatic Play’s Thrilling New Live Casino Gameshow Experience

Toby Marshall
25 May 2023
Snakes & Ladders Live: Pragmatic Play's Thrilling New Live Casino Gameshow Experience

Pragmatic Play, a leading provider of online casino games and software solutions, has announced the launch of its latest live casino gameshow title, Snakes & Ladders Live. This exciting addition to their portfolio aims to deliver an immersive gaming experience to players around the world.

Snakes & Ladders Live is based on the classic board game that has entertained millions for generations. The new live casino gameshow brings the nostalgia of the traditional board game into the modern online gaming world. With stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, Pragmatic Play has created a unique and thrilling experience that will captivate players.

The game takes place on a custom-built, interactive game board featuring the iconic game grid. Participants will have the opportunity to spin the giant wheel, advancing along the grid with the hope of reaching the top. However, they must navigate through a series of challenging obstacles, including the infamous snakes and the much-desired ladders.

What sets this new game apart is the incorporation of live hosts who guide players through the game, adding an extra layer of excitement and interactivity. The hosts will provide real-time commentary, creating a dynamic atmosphere that simulates the experience of being in a land-based casino.

Players can also interact with the hosts and other participants, fostering a sense of community and enhancing the social aspect of the game. The inclusion of a chat feature allows for lively conversations and friendly banter, creating a more immersive and entertaining environment.

Lena Yasir, Vice President of Malta Operations at Pragmatic Play, expressed her excitement about the launch of Snakes & Ladders Live. She stated, “We are delighted to introduce Snakes & Ladders Live to our growing portfolio of live casino games. This innovative title combines a beloved board game concept with cutting-edge technology, delivering a unique and engaging experience to our players.”

Yasir further added, “We believe that Snakes & Ladders Live will be a great success, offering a fresh and entertaining gaming option to both our existing player base and new audiences. With our team of expert hosts and high-quality production values, we are confident that this gameshow will deliver on our commitment to providing exceptional entertainment.”

Pragmatic Play’s commitment to innovation and player satisfaction is evident in their continuous efforts to expand their live casino offerings. The addition of this latest gameshow title demonstrates their dedication to providing diverse and captivating gaming experiences to a wide range of players.

Snakes & Ladders Live is fully optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere. With its high-definition streaming, seamless gameplay, and interactive features, Pragmatic Play has once again set a new standard in the live casino games market.

As Snakes & Ladders Live rolls out across Pragmatic Play’s extensive network of operator partners, players can look forward to a thrilling journey that combines elements of chance, strategy, and entertainment. With its engaging gameplay, innovative features, and immersive atmosphere, Snakes & Ladders Live is poised to become a favorite among online casino enthusiasts worldwide.

Author Toby Marshall