Relax Gaming Expands Live Casino Portfolio with Stakelogic’s Super Wheel Feature

Toby Marshall
9 October 2023
Relax Gaming


Relax Gaming, a prominent iGaming aggregator and supplier, has once again bolstered its live casino offerings by integrating Stakelogic’s highly acclaimed Super Wheel feature. This partnership signifies a significant milestone in Relax Gaming’s mission to provide cutting-edge content to its extensive network of online casino operators and players. With the addition of Super Wheel, Relax Gaming is poised to elevate the live casino gaming experience to new heights.

Stakelogic’s Super Wheel: A Game-Changer in Live Casino Entertainment

Stakelogic, known for its innovative approach to online gaming, has gained a stellar reputation for delivering engaging and immersive casino games. Their Super Wheel feature is a standout creation that combines elements of traditional live roulette with a modern twist, creating an electrifying gaming experience.

Bringing a New Dimension to Live Casino

The Super Wheel feature is designed to deliver an immersive live casino experience that captivates players with its unique gameplay and engaging visuals. Unlike conventional roulette, Super Wheel offers a dynamic gaming environment with its captivating wheel design and visually striking elements.

A Fusion of Entertainment and Betting

Super Wheel is not just about betting; it’s about entertainment. Players can enjoy the excitement of watching the wheel spin, and with its various betting options and multipliers, there’s a wide range of opportunities for players to win big. The game’s simplicity makes it accessible to both experienced casino enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Relax Gaming’s Commitment to Quality

Relax Gaming has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality gaming content to its partners and players. The integration of Stakelogic’s Super Wheel is yet another example of their dedication to enriching their live casino portfolio with innovative and engaging titles.

Expanding the Live Casino Offering

The addition of Super Wheel to Relax Gaming’s live casino portfolio further solidifies its position as a leading provider of live dealer games. With a vast selection of titles that cater to a diverse range of player preferences, Relax Gaming continues to be a trusted choice for online casino operators seeking premium content.

Seamless Integration

Relax Gaming’s platform is renowned for its ease of integration, allowing online casinos to add new content to their offerings swiftly. The integration of Stakelogic’s Super Wheel was no exception, ensuring a seamless transition for operators and players alike.

Statements from Key Stakeholders

Relax Gaming and Stakelogic both expressed their excitement about the collaboration and the introduction of Super Wheel to Relax Gaming’s live casino platform.

Simon Hammon, Relax Gaming CPO

Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer at Relax Gaming, commented, “We are thrilled to have Stakelogic’s Super Wheel as the latest addition to our live casino portfolio. This feature-rich game perfectly aligns with our mission to provide the best and most engaging content to our partners and their players. Super Wheel’s unique concept and thrilling gameplay make it an excellent fit for our platform.”

Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO at Stakelogic

Stephan van den Oetelaar, CEO at Stakelogic, added, “Our partnership with Relax Gaming marks an important milestone for Stakelogic as we continue to expand our presence in the iGaming industry. Super Wheel is one of our standout creations, and we are confident that it will be a major success in Relax Gaming’s live casino portfolio. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration.”

The Future of Live Casino Gaming

The integration of Stakelogic’s Super Wheel into Relax Gaming’s live casino platform not only enriches the gaming experience but also points toward an exciting future for live casino gaming. As technology continues to advance and player expectations evolve, collaborations like this one will play a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s landscape.

Meeting Player Expectations

Players are increasingly seeking innovative and immersive gaming experiences. Features like Super Wheel address these expectations by combining traditional casino elements with modern enhancements, creating a more engaging and entertaining environment for players.


Relax Gaming’s integration of Stakelogic’s Super Wheel feature is a testament to their commitment to delivering top-quality gaming content to the online casino industry. As the demand for immersive live casino experiences continues to grow, this partnership is poised to bring a new level of excitement to players and operators alike. With Super Wheel now part of Relax Gaming’s live casino portfolio, players can expect a thrilling and visually captivating gaming experience that sets a new standard in the world of live casino entertainment.

Author Toby Marshall